Monday, 2 March 2015

Advanced Praise for Gumma Homo

Gary J. Shipley’s poems are besotted missives from the orangier regions of a burnt mind. Their tetherish angularity and bestial drool make me harder than a priest in a kindergarten. The world is a void and there are no more prophets left to serve. There is still vision, however, and Shipley’s is one we might all surrender to. As Ol’ Dirty Bastard once said, “Y’all can’t use the word ‘napkin.’”

– Travis Jeppesen, author of The Suiciders

Gary J. Shipley has performed a limit-experience for the unafraid, for the unhampered ballsy world immutable from our big, big casket.

– Sean Kilpatrick, author of Fuckscapes

Gary J. Shipley isn’t fucking around (“They’ll ask me to smile. I won’t.”) because he knows we’re all both killers and abattoir meat and in Gumma Homo he’s in and inside your face about this. The only natural thing then (“nothing is ever faked”) is to “swallow the sun,” “breathe the buried dog” and make “the accident berserk with nails.” But there’s nothing even heroic about these “dead babies” that are “lab grown/ in tinned sequences.” Gumma Homo is an industrial Grendel, jaded and zombie, rising daily out of a wasted, mechanical bed, to gleet over us all, the sleeping Geats. Unrelenting, uncompromising, and endlessly surprising in its language and imagery… I'm in love with this book!

– Rauan Klassnik, author of Holy Land

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Face Hole

"The Face Hole is at once a testimony and a dossier, a metaphysical mystery of discarded anatomies, a cavernous and patient document of Ballardian estrangement. Here Shipley's writing enters a kind of austerity -- narrative stripped down to an elemental level, filled with the detritus of everyday life, flecks of flesh and nuanced glances, stray motives and oblique intentions, the most familiar of objects quietly vanishing -- all of which induces in the reader a dread as vast as it is subtle. A welcome addition to Shipley's ongoing experiments with the limits of language and bodies."

- Eugene Thacker, author of In The Dust Of This Planet

(forthcoming from Copeland Valley Press)